Our company, established under hard and competitive conditions of 2008, focussed on customer satisfaction and quality service by combining the knowledge and experience of its partners gained in transport sector and producing customerdriven services and flexible solutions.Beiza Transport provides door-to-door transportation services in many locations all around the world with the contribution of its specialized personnel and its local and global business partners. We continue our operations by expanding our fields of activity with the intention of being a partner providing more comprehensive solutions with our working principles and targets we have taken as the basis since dayone.

Our Principles ;

*Contributing to the establishment of equitable and fiduciary relationships between the companies we represent selectively and our customers.

*Remaining within the continuity posing professional relations by providing quality services within international standards and by prioritizing the satisfaction of our customers with appropriate and economic solutions that we provide.

*Acting with the consciousness that coming through the competition successfully in our day by day globalizing world is only possible by attaching value to service and showing loyalty to working principles as well as the virtues such as fairness and honesty.

* With the follow ups carried out by our professional personnel with the consciousness that communication has an important place in transportation, and by continually keeping in touch with our customers and all parties we coordinate; Informing and guiding you, our valuable business partners, verbally, in writing or visually are important duties in our service qualitv.