About Us

Beiza Group

Established in the difficult and competitive conditions of 2008; our company combines the knowledge and experience of it’s partners in the transportation sector. Our aim is to give; customer satisfaction and quality in service with our dynamic and competitive behaviour by producing customer-oriented boutique services and flexible solutions.

As Beiza Shipping Transport,

We provide door-to-door delivery services at many points with the contributions of local and global business partners that we are in contact with from all over the world. We continue to expand our fields of activity in order to be a partner that provides you with more wide solutions with our working principles and goals that we have based on since the first day.


We contribute to relations, based on justice and trust, between the companies that we represent with good care and our customers.

Customer Satisfaction

To stay in a continuous professional relationship by giving priority to the satisfaction of our customers by providing quality service with international standards and with the right and economical solutions that we provide.


To act, with the awareness that being successful in the competition that appears in our globalizing world day by day, is only possible with virtues such as honesty and being correct, as well as the values given to service and loyalty to working principles.

Easy Communication

With the awareness that communication has an important place in transportation, we keep in touch with our customers and all the parties we coordinate, with the followings made by our expert employees, and to inform and guide you, our valuable business partners, regularly verbally, in writing and visually, is an important part and dutie of our service quality.

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